8 Things Cyclists Should Never Do!!

Here are the 8 things that are a definite no-no when Cycling...


1. Don't wear underpants underneath your cycling shorts


Cycling shorts are made with a unique chamois padding designed to be close to your skin. Wearing underpants can a) give you VPL – Visible Panty Line and b) unnecessary chafe and saddle sores.

2. Don't jump red lights


A big one! We all know how dangerous the roads can be, but it goes both ways. We can’t expect motorists to respect us if we don’t give the same respect to them. When cyclists jump red robots, besides being dangerous, it’s basically a big slap in the face to other road users. Instead act like a car, follow the exact same road laws and use your arm to indicate to other motorists when turning a corner, for the simple reason that you are less likely to get hurt!

3. Don't eat too much before a ride


Even though cycling keeps you fit and lean, it’s not recommended to eat a large meal before a hard training session. Snack on healthy foods before and during your ride and have a wholesome recovery meal afterwards for best results.

4. Pumping Iron


Let’s be honest cyclists have strong legs, and that's about it. To avoid embarrassment, stay away from the heavy weights section of your local gym, it will only slow you down up the hills and give the rest of us cyclists a bad name.

5. Ride all over the road


When riding remember, Keep Left, Ride Straight and Pass on the Right! Especially true when riding in groups, where if one person strays off the straight line they’re on, the entire group can go toppling behind them. When in doubt, ride straight (hold a straight line) and other people can overtake you on your right with confidence. 

6. Look down on other cyclists


We’ve all been new to cycling, we all had to learn, so never look down on those who know less than you do. Don’t make fun of people, it doesn’t matter what type of bike or gear they have, or how fast they’re riding, what matters is that they’re on their bicycle and enjoying the ride! 

7. Take your hands off the bars when it's a *bit* windy


Being able to ride with no hands on the handlebars is a useful skill in cycling. But you need to know the right time to use that skill. When you’re riding in a big group or it’s windy, this is not the time to show everyone you can ride with no hands! For those new to cycling, if you’re riding in a group and you touch the person’s wheel in front, you are the one that ends up kissing tarmac. And if it’s windy, it's far easier to be blown sideways and cross the wheel of someone behind you, causing them to go down. So both hands on the handlebars when riding in groups or in strong winds!

8. Don't celebrate too early

Applies whether you’re riding professionally or just riding to beat your mates! Far too many cyclists have stuck both hands in the air in celebration too early, only to be beaten to the finishing line by a faster finisher. Don’t be that guy! Ride through the finish line and celebrate afterwards! :)   


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[Source: GCN