How To Save Money When Buying a Bicycle


7 Ways To Save Money When Buying a Bicycle

By Team Bridge 


Once you’ve decided what bike type makes sense for you— mountain, road, hybrid or city/commuter, there are many ways you can buy smart and purchase your bicycle for a bargain. Here are 7 of them:


1.      Find a 2nd hand Bicycle

With cyclists often upgrading their bicycles, there are often some very good second-hand bicycle deals to be had on places like Gumtree, OLX and BikeHub.

Do your research and ask plenty of questions of the seller like:

-         What is the condition of the bike?

-         Any defects?

-         It’s history (any accidents?)

-         Proof of purchase (i.e. their receipt)

-         Can your local Bike Shop check it over before you buy it?


This is a slightly risky option, but if you do your research, you might get an absolute bargain.


2.      Build Your Own Bike

What’s great about building your own bike is you can save and spend where it’s important to you e.g. you can get a quality frame and save on components, or you can get a 2nd hand frame and kit it out with great components. You have a choice to get exactly the parts you want, or get good parts and upgrade later on when you have the budget. Your local bike shop can help you put the bike together if you don’t have the technical know-how.


3.      Buy Last Year’s Model

This is such a no-brainer, it’s surprising more people don’t do it. If you don’t have to have the latest model, there are often big discounts to be had by buying last year's model (or even older) with very little difference in performance.


4.      Ex Pro Team Bike

Pro Riders upgrade their bikes every year (unfair I know!). At the end of the Season, Team’s often sell these bike on their Team Website or the Bike Manufacturers website. This is a great place to get bike deals with the best components at amazing discounted price. Admittedly, Pro Riders bikes often live a harsh life, but they are also cared for daily by a mechanic. Go for a Pro Rider’s Spare Bike (the one’s you see on the Team Support vehicles), as these are the bikes the Pro Riders don’t often use.


5.      Police Auctions:

Worth checking at your local police station if they auction off stolen goods that have never been reclaimed. Might be an opportunity to find a bike bargain here, usually cheap Mountain Bikes,  but every now and then, there’s an absolute cracker of a road bike.


6.      Shop Online

Shop around online to find the best offers and deals. Sometimes it worth getting a price and then asking the local Bike Shops if they can match or beat that price.


7.      Local Bike Shop:

Your local bike shop might be more willing to negotiate on price than an online store and they may even throw in some free accessories to boot.


If you shop smart and look for bargains, there’s no reason why you can’t buy a bicycle that offers great value for money, good product quality and many enjoyable rides!